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South Korean brands Helinox and Adererror have teamed up to launch a collection designed for camping. They have included tables and chairs for the occasion.

The electric blue colour that characterises Adererror’s designs has been combined with Helinox’s “Chair One” and “Sunset Chair” chairs and the classic camping table (Table One), which has two recesses for drinks. Both brands have worked to make the products easily transportable and to match Arder’s clothing perfectly.

As for the latter part, the collection proposes a series of black and white T-shirts for the most classic, but with a blue zigzag stitching that will also appear on the cap that accompanies the entire collection.

Prices are estimated to range from $57 to $260. We think that’s a more than reasonable price for a fashionable camping trip. You can get your hands on all the pieces in the collection here.