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GCDS celebrates its first NFT release with baby WIRDO, the cutest and most exclusive alien yet.

The brand led by Giuliano Calza enters the world of Web3 with its NFT Baby WIRDO, a collection of adorable alien-shaped figures that include access to exclusive services and benefits for all those who purchase their own.

He is a fearless guardian who first appeared during the GCDS fashion show in Milan, when the brand’s SS23 collection was presented.

“The feeling of being an alien is a common one. Sometimes we feel alien in places that were once our home. GCDS turns this feeling into a joyful force, embracing the colours of the whole world,” says Giuliano.

Only 4,888 Baby WIRDOS will go on sale. The launch will consist of an original WIRDO portrait; priority sales; exclusive promotions; unique events; the option to purchase special products; a 30% discount on the website; a personalised gift bag and the chance to access the brand’s next fashion show.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to ILGA-Europe, which advocates for LGBTQ+ safety, equality and freedom.

You can now choose your favourite Baby WIRDO on the GCDS website.