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Those in charge of the clubs where members of the Voodoo Club collective were refused entry had no idea that, with their lamentable racist admission policy, they were going to be indirect protagonists in the birth of one of Barcelona’s clubbing epicentres. Just poetic justice.

Tired of getting doors slammed in their faces, they decided to open their own club with its own rules and its own codes, which soon became the secret corridor that, over the last few years, has connected the city with the most avant-garde dance floors on the African continent. Every time the Voodoo gang steps behind the decks, Barcelona and Lagos come close to rubbing shoulders.

Today, 20 August, after a period of forced abstinence from the club, paradise will reopen at Nits del Fòrum at 19:30. This is the first Afrobeat Carnival in Barcelona. A meeting of cultures where Barcelona will meet Nigeria.

The event will feature the creators of Voodoo Club and the founders of the Voodoo Music Online label Diamond Boy (Oseka Jibril) and Spirit Disco (Wekafore Jibril); one of the upcoming stars of the new film ‘RainBow’ by Paco León. There will also be special DJ sets from The Voodoo All Stars and live guests from Barcelona, Madrid and London.

Come & party nonstop until midnight!
Photography by Miriam Serrano

Voodoo artists

What would BARCELONA LIKE LAGOS be without artists from the VOODOO MUSIC label.

After releases such as Disco Duro, Lo Que Toca EP and spending much of the summer filming under the direction of Paco Leon for the new Netflix movie; Spirit Disco will be at VOODOO ALLSTARS taking control of the event.

The multi-faceted and diverse Lagos-born artist Oseka is one of VOODOO MUSIC‘s most exciting up-and-coming projects. He will be presenting his first project: DIAMOND BOY EP.


When we talk about the national scene behind the decks, the CHICA GANG collective cannot go unnoticed. Born to promote any art form created by girls and members of the LGTBIQ collective.

Lapili is one of the most versatile and empowered artists in this country, with a great diversity of sound. From reggaeton to afro-pop.


If Afrobeats has spread around the world today, it’s largely thanks to the Lagos-London connection. This time, it’s BARCELONA LIKE LAGOS.

Teezee, Vivendii, BOJ among others have been key in the expansion of the movement. Their latest projects in collaboration with artists such as Skepta and Dave stand out.


Voodoo Club was born to create a space for those who had no representation in the city of Barcelona.

The energy generated would not have been possible without stellar contributions from DJ Nagui, Selecta Glossy and SlimboyFlacko.