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For the past two years, Apple has stopped including the charger and headphones in its iPhones as a measure to reduce pollution. In addition to minimising two million tonnes of annual carbon emissions, it has also earned an additional $6.5 Billion by selling iPhone accessories such as the charger and headphones separately. 

Apple is a carbon neutral company in all operations and expects to achieve zero climate impact by 2030. The company aims to make all devices 100% carbon neutral, from materials extraction, component manufacturing, assembly, transportation, customer use and charging, to recycling and materials recovery.

However, the price of the iPhone was not reduced because they claimed there would be higher quality overall and more up-to-date hardware. In addition, headphones and chargers are being sold separately at 15/20 euros. The elimination of these accessories with the sale of each iPhone also means smaller packaging for each device. All this has contributed to Apple earning $6.5 Billion.

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