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Area teams up with designer Dingyun Zhang, known for his unique oversized puffers, in a capsule of puffers and quilted pieces with crystal embellishments and baroque motifs.

AREA is famous for its rhinestones, DingYun Zhang for its puffer pieces. Thus, the two iconic elements of both brands come together to give us the most desired item of the winter. The capsule is composed of two down jackets, one black and one yellow, a vest and a skirt and bra set, all three in cream. All items are embellished with crystals.

The quilted jacket, in both black and yellow, features crystal embellished pockets, zipper closure and removable hood. Quilted vest, appears embellished with crystals forming diamonds and leaving bangs at the bottom. The bra and skirt set, the bra features crystal ornaments in baroque design, adjustable straps and the skirt, like the vest is adorned with crystals forming diamonds and bangs.

Whole capsule gives off an irresistible combination of fun and avant-garde. Area, has managed to give the glam touch to the Chinese designer’s classic oversize feather garments; as well as Dingyun Zhang, has managed to give the avant-garde streetwear touch that does not define the New York brand.

Priced from €850 for the puffer bra to €1850 for the jacket, the Area x Dingyun Zhang collection is now available at

If you want, you can take a look at Area’s SS21 collection below by clicking here. Or you can take a look at Moncler Genius show where Dingyun Zhang had its own capsule on the collection.