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Taking inspiration from the 1971 cult film “Taking Off” by Miloš Forman, London-based label Aries has just launched its SS23 collection. The film’s characters are recontextualised through five archetypes: Camden Punk, ’90s Casual, Teenage Romantic, Cultist and Trust Fund Baby.


The Camden Punk character features dirty peach washed and over-dyed denim. This archetype incorporates the cargo aesthetic of cotton twill, crackle camouflage print and mesh tops along with tattoo-inspired graphics and images of a Rottweiler.

Another character in the SS23 collection is the Teenage Romantic who mixes references to high school jocks and prom queens. While ’90s Casual uses workwear with military style shirts that include the graphic “No Problemo”.

The last two characters are Cultist and Trust Fund Baby. The former carries references to Ozzy Osbourne along with classical and religious allusions. For Trust Fund Baby, Aries goes for tailoring with lace and silk pyjamas. As well as a logomania that imitates luxury pirate copies.

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