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Asics has updated its classic GEL-PTG model by replacing the laces with velcro. The new designs are available in two versions: black and white.

Asics first launched its GEL-PTG sneakers in 1983 as a dedicated basketball model. Now, they have become one of its most popular silhouettes and have also been updated by replacing its classic laces with a velcro closure. The new sneakers are available in black and white and are inspired by a retro/athletic aesthetic.

The two new models feature suede in the characteristic Tiger Stripe midfoot giving rise to a contrast of materials, as the white sneaker has it in a tan tone and the black one in a slightly lighter range. But undoubtedly, the most outstanding novelty of this release is the absence of laces. On this occasion, they have been replaced by a Velcro closure system. And on the bottom, the white silhouette features an eggshell-colored midsole and the black one, maintains its tonality.

The Asics GEL-PTG with Velcro are now available on atmos website.