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When the water level rises to flood the front row itself, only a chosen few will walk on those waters. Balenciaga dresses them up for Autumn/Winter 20/21 in a dramatic and menacing way. The music of the obertura accompanies the styles with a religious pattern, which emphasizes the fateful premonition of Demba Gvasalia.

Nicke Bildstein Zaar created a gigantic LED screen suspended from the ceiling taht reproduced images of natural elements that announce a discouraging future. Storm clouds, a swarm of crows, the rising tide.

The post-apocalyptic set comes at a crucial time for the fashion industry, where environmental impact and sustainability is a weak point in the discourse of many firms.

These horsemen of the apocalypse are coming by motorbike. Allegories of conquest, war, hunger and death, dress motocross suits that continue the trend from seasons ago, as well as football uniforms for a match that will be played in an arid and empty extension.

The descent into hell with the omnipresent black leather styles is only interrupted by the colour of the floral dresses with shoulder pads pointing to the burning sky, which then reproduce a sequence of roundabouts and motorways from a bird’s eye view –the traces of human creation as scars on the earth-. A segment with urban landscapes to present the proposals designed for ‘streetwear’. The airpods are the perfect detail to point out a “street” look, which can be a sweatshirt and sports pants, but also a neoprene total-look. The relief comes from the dresses that roll up to the body like a balm and extend into gloves and socks.

All stylisms are completed with waterproof shoes. If you need some rain boots, get them Balenciaga.

Demna’s vision concludes with a total eclipse as the last piece appears, made of the most luminous fabric in the whole collection –which carries an ambiguous sex model, like an angel.- A reason for hope, or so we like to think.