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Demna Gvasalia’s creations become crystal cubes through the bubblegram technique. Balenciaga’s Track, X-Pander and Tyrex float in the new sculptures.

Balenciaga is once again breaking with the status quo. Gvasalia‘s new idea has been nothing less than to turn some of his most iconic shoes into true works of collectible art. Using the bubblegum technique, glass sculptures have been created that include the brand’s silhouettes in 3D images. In this way, even the smallest details of the selected designs are captured, giving the sensation that the object floats inside the cube.

This technique was very fashionable in the late 90s and early 2000s, and it seems that Balenciaga could bring them back into fashion – as it does with everything it rescues from the past-.


Each of the crystal cubes costs €495 each and you can get them through the online shop or by booking them at your nearest Balenciaga boutique.