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ZERO10 was created to facilitate self-expression for the digital generation, using the latest AR technologies to create an ecosystem for brands and customers to engage in unique and pioneering ways; free from the social boundaries and conventions of the physical world. This philosophy set the foundation for their collaboration with Barragan who are known for their bold and pioneering approach in imagining a new future and way of dressing based on self-identity, liberation and inclusivity.

Each item includes a tuning element as a showcase of ZERO10‘s tuning capabilities. Tuning describes digital effects activated when the garment is worn on screen and brings together items originally envisioned for the physical world with creative applications only achievable through the metaverse.

The Barragan x ZERO10 collection includes a mixture of free and shoppable screen wear items available to add to users’ digital wardrobes alongside a limited edition NFT of Barragan‘s signature Pocket Vest as first seen in their SS17 collection. Free items include the Oil Slick Pleated Dress from the “Terracotta” collection, AW19 Floral Print Ghost Dress, and AW21 Top Up Button-Down shirt; with the SS22 Lil Star Trousers reimagined and available at $5.

George Yashin, Founder and CEO of ZERO10 says “Barragan has always been free of any boundaries in fashion, and we admire this. Modern fashion consumers don’t want to be limited by gender, age, race, size – they want to self-identify themselves and constantly search for creativity search for creativity which supports this. This is a world we also imagine at ZERO10 – cyber fashion has no boxes.”

Underground and experimental, contemporary brand Barragan was founded by Mexico-City born Victor Barragan on his relocation to New York City in 2015. Barragan debuted during New York Fashion Week for SS17, showcasting since between Mexico City and New York City; becoming a finalist for the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2019. Community, individuality and creative diversity are the foundation of the brand informing a spirit of multiplicity. The brand’s approach questions convention and looks beyond boundaries; disregarding social expectations of the past and creating a new and truly modern third space for fashion.

ZERO10 was launched in October 2021 and allows users to purchase, wear and collect digital garments from brands and build their own screen wear wardrobe. At the forefront of the digital fashion space, it achieves the most accurate digital representation of clothes delivering the best near-physical experience for the customer. ZERO10 was created as que stand at an ecological crossroads, to offer a new fully sustainable self-expression solution for the digital generation.