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Givenchy reveals the images of its SS21 campaign under the direction of Matthew Williams. The new creative director debuted at the house just a year ago changing the course of the fashion house. Thus, he has recruited friends and creatives to star in his first campaign for Givenchy. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Anok Yai or Playboy Carti, are some of the familiar faces. 

Givenchy SS21 campaign was photographed by Heji Shin who captures the essence of the collection. Each portrait is inspired by the 90’s era and they use grainy backgrounds and saturated tones to enhance the colors.

“To me, fashion expresses a point of view where formality and informality, construction and comfort co-exist. My ethos is about the luxury of infusing clothes with your own personality, not being worn by them,” said Williams.

Take a look at all the images that make up the lookbook and let yourself be carried away by the luxury and good taste. Appreciate fashion, get to know Matthew’s imaginary in depth and immerse yourself in Givenchy’s codes. 


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