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Since being appointed Chief Sneaker Designer at Versace, Salehe Bembury (@salehebembury) has changed the vision we had of Italian brand footwear. A new, more real and current approach has taken Versace shoes to a new level.

Bembury x Versace - Apple

After the launch of the coveted Chain Reaction, Bembury now has something in its hands that will give you a lot to talk about. Inspired by Apple Computers iconic sneaker and retaining much of the same design, the Versace version is built with modern materials and features a multicolored Medusa head that makes a wink to Cupertino’s apple.

The aesthetics of the sneakers of the 80s permeates the whole proposal, which is based on a minimalist aesthetics in which the details have all the weight.

Apple Sneakers

There is still no official announcement about the launch but the hype alarms have already been activated. While we wait for the date you can see the glasses that Versace took out a few weeks ago in homage to Notorius BIG.