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Berlin’s iconic nightclub, Berghain, has officially reopened its doors. It had been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now visitors can revisit the club, albeit under very different conditions.


Now, Berghain hosts an exhibition of experimental sounds, called “Eleven songs – Hall at Berghain”, open to the public until August 2. According to Dazed, the installation – created by Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl – incorporates noises like traffic or helicopters and softer ones like whispers.

“You listen, you experiment, you can close your eyes or leave them open and follow the sound through the room,” said Carsten Seiffarth, a Berlin-based musicologist and founder of the Singuhr sound art gallery. “It’s also about having an experience with this room and feeling emotions that go beyond just listening.

However, the maximum capacity of the exhibition is 50 people at a time. Therefore, there is one thing that does not change, whoever wants to visit Berghain will have to arrive early since there is already an infinite line to enter.