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Designer Bianca Saunders draws inspiration from cinema and the surrealist movement for her AW21 proposal. The result is a menswear collection: “Superimposed”, with influences from Man Ray and Erwin Wurm. 

London-based designer Bianca Saunders has just presented her new AW21 menswear collection. The result is a conceptual collection inspired by several exhibitions of Man Ray and Erwin Wurm that Saunders saw in Paris. Thus, each piece is tailored following a somewhat surrealistic approach.

Movement is therefore the focus of the entire collection and is represented organically throughout the garments. A trench coat full of pleats that seems to dynamize the bust; pants with irregular darts; a blue jacket that could fly; or a knitted sweater that contracts to the chest.

The classics redesigned under this concept are represented in a wrinkled and uneven Oxford shirt or a ruffled frock coat. Meanwhile, in contrast to the narrower, tapered pants, there are wider and more airy trousers. Our favorites: the long front-cut pants designed in collaboration with Wrangler and a tote bag that creates a Trompe-l’œil effect.

The color palette is quite subdued and discreet and oscillates between different shades of blue, white and black. In this way, each design and its finishes take center stage. “I think this is the most creative I’ve been in a long time,” Saunders adds about her collection.

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