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BLACKPINK K-pop star Jennie has joined Gentle Monster for a collection of sunglasses and accessories, called “Jentle Home”. The new campaign for the collaboration, photographed by Hugo Comte, stars Jennie herself.


As part of BLACKPINK, Jennie Kim (@jennierubyjane) is one of the key people who have helped raise the profile of Korean pop music, aka k-pop, around the world. Now, the superstar is embarking on another creative path of his own.

The singer has recently launched a new collaboration, entitled “Jentle Home,” with the Korean luxury eyewear brand, in which she demonstrates her talent for fashion design. The collection includes oversized sunglasses, viewing glasses, detachable chains, and other accessories. According to the brand, ‘Jentle Home’ is inspired by the dollhouses that Jennie herself played with as a child.


Following the doll theme, Jennie herself has become a Barbie doll on the Gentle Monster website, where users can “chat” with her through her avatar and learn more about the campaign.

Jennie’s Gentle Monster collection ranges from 120 to 250 euros and will be launched on the Gentle Monster website on April 21st.