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When we interviewed him he already told us he was working on a sneaker collaboration. Now it’s tangible: Bleu Mode x Fila.

Bleu Mode x FILA

Bleu Mode x FILA

FILA has just teamed up with fashion photographer Julien Boudet (@bleumode) to present a collaboration on the silhouette of the iconic Original Fitness..

Under the name Original Fitness Zipper, the limited edition shoe features a white leather upper complete with shades of blue (bleu) and black. The zipper on the side connects perfectly with the fashion concept. A reinterpretation of a classic that Julien has elevated to #must.

Bleu Mode x FILA | Original Fitness Zipper

The co-branding on the tongue and the blue shades inspired by Boudet’s hometown create a unique art, fashion and Mediterranean connection.

Bleu Mode x FILA Original Fitness Zipper will be available on May 26th exclusively through Canadian retailer CNTRBND. Good job @bleumode!