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After a friendly break from his former sponsor, Palace, and flirting about the reintroduction of his brand Thames London as the newly dubbed THAMES MMXX, the British skater, model and artist, Blondey McCoy (@blondey), has prepared the first drop of his new line.


Inspired by Blondey’s school uniforms.

Dubbed “Boarders”, the collection includes bold graphic t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and knee-high socks. The most prominent garment is the blue knit sweater with red piping on the collar and cuffs.

In announcing the debut of THAMES MMXX (@thames), McCoy also indicated that he would become his new sponsor.

The lookbook was captured by famous British photographer Alasdair McLellan, a frequent contributor to the artist with whom he worked on a retrospective photo book this summer, and stylized by Ellie Grace Cumming.

THAMESMMXX goes on sale today at 12pm Spanish time on its website. Hurry up, you are forwarned, so don’t blame us.