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It is well known that designer Daniel Lee has been one of the greatest fashion discoveries of recent times. After becoming creative director of one of the most legendary and emblematic firms such as Bottega Veneta, Mr. Lee has been almost a daily machine of manufacturing “it-products” and converting many of them into sales leaders.

After sweeping the world with one of the brand’s must-haves, the “puddle boots”, Daniel is back to present his latest footwear silhouette, the “Puddle Bomber” boots. In keeping with the designer’s signature simple, minimalist silhouette and aesthetic, Lee continues to rely heavily on bright or vibrant colours such as green, pink, yellow, beige and black to make his creations even more distinctive.

Apart from the colours, we also have to highlight the 6 cm platform and the materials with which these boots are made, 50% polyamide and 50% rubber. Thanks to these materials, the boots will be able to withstand any weather conditions.

What do you think of Bottega Veneta’s new boots? Cool, right? If you like them, you can pre-order them on its website for $990.