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Brain Dead and Kerbi Urbanowski have teamed up again to design a fun and unique range of homeware in the form of colourful lamps.

Kerbi Urbanowski, the brand specialising in the design of handcrafted stained glass, joins the Brain Dead team for a second instalment of lamps.  A miscellany of colours, shapes and textures resulting in completely different items. No two pieces are the same.

The only common element that remains is the iconic face of the Californian brand, delimited by metallic edges that give shape to the design item, as well as the varnished wood base in orange tones on which they stand.

“In recent years I have spent most of my time studying the functional history of stained glass. I have honed my skills to be clean and precise. This is where I separate myself from the traditionalists, embracing craftsmanship and technique while leaving behind stencils, prefabricated designs and old-school aesthetics,” says Urbanowski.

The exclusive homeware collection designed by Brain Dead and Kerbi Urbanowski will go on sale today through and at its physical shops in Fairfax and Sunset.