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Brain Dead’s first fall drop is all about that itch. The feeling you get when you’re headed towards a big change despite everything already being peachy keen. Some could say the grass is always greener, they say us gotta pee on their lawn to find out. 

They married the luxury of comfortable construction with nods to the matrix of the nature to create their Fall 22 Drop 1 and melt our mind. So let’s open your third… anything and throw on the softest of their t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers and sweatpants to push ourselves into the great unknown. Keep your body relaxed while your heart, mind, soul and whatever deity you believe in (or have beef with) pushes you into a new day.

What do we have to lose? We’re on a rock in space – and you’ve got a great view. AI will figure out the rest soon enough… I guess hopefully not before we do.

Brain Dead sends their most daring designers to capture the existential dread an optimism hovering over Los Angeles. Also known as smog, to help shake out the designs for this Fall‘s first release.

Through the opaque they saw some answers. Anatomic and animal deities hoodies, ying-yang and wave socks, their “running without light” calisthenics t-shirt, computer eyes crewneck, permit everything long sleeve, and neo future sweatpants. As well as few more pieces – shop to find out!

The first Fall Capsule Collection will be available Tuesday September 13th at, Brain Dead Studios Fairfax, Brain Dead Sunset and select retailers worldwide.

It’s a big wide wold, you gotta swim in the water to get wet!