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Nothing like getting away from home to feel that you belong to the place you left behind, and explore your roots. That’s how Barragán was born. Victor is a Mexican in New York who in 2014 decides to undertake an experiment about the Latino world, using fashion as a channel, to address issues such as the concept of beauty, gender identity and media consumption.


“Brujería” -Witchcraft- is the title for the Fall 2020 season. A collection that is both wild and sober at the same time, which extracts the colors of the Mexican landscape and turns them off intuitively.

The oversized gesture on the lapels and shoes -impossible not to think of clowns- verges on the caricature of the suit, which normally represents the power of the wearer. And some of that power lies in the very thick chains that form all the accessories in the collection, and end up forming a claustrophobic and heavy vest.


The house’s unmistakable openings rip T-shirts and also transparent dresses made with a somewhat stale lace. Something like the wildest version of our grandmothers’ nightie. The pre-Columbian air monogram we saw last season finds new positions in the knees and the print of a dress so tight that it deforms the initials.

The company’s characteristic leather trousers are fused with denim and fit in with the trend for extended-boots trouser. While other boots and leather handbags are combined with fur, which gives a wild character to the set.

It is clear that Barragán has magical skills for fashion. And the spell remains stronger each time he presents a new collection.