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Last night all eyes were on Riccardo Tisci. The Italian designer presented his second collection at the London Fashion Week, after having presented his debut for the British brand last season.

Burberry - Riccardo Tisci

“For me, Burberry isn’t just fashion, it’s all about British life. It represents a country pretty well,” said Riccardo Tisci behind the scenes on Sunday after his second Burberry show.

Like its first presentation the previous season, this new collection was divided into two parts. The elegant house codes such as the plaids and the classic trench coats had an additional touch, thanks to the twist of Tisci’s evil bourgeoisie. Among the pieces was a gabardine that comes with a synthetic leather lining, like a parka; a blouse is presented to us painted with oysters, each of them with a sewn pearl. An imaginary of Tisci that raises, if possible more, Burberry.

The connection to the punk and rave aesthetic was constant. The collection is so extensive that it is difficult to group everything under one concept. However, the essence of Italian was patent in each of the designs.

Burberry FW19

Burberry’s new excitement was joined by Gigi Hadid, who was parading for the first time to the house. It looked spectacular sheathed in Riccardo Tisci’s second collection, ‘Tempest‘.

Gigi Hadid - Burberry

Gigi Hadid – Burberry

The street wear was not lacking and overflowed with an authenticity rooted in Tisci’s own experience, which gave emotion to the most sedated pieces. Undoubtedly, the new Burberry is very different, but it still underlines the same Britishness sense.