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Burberry has announced the launch of its new ReBurberry fabric program in collaboration with the British Fashion Council. The new program provides for Burberry surplus fabrics to be donated to the UK’s most needy fashion students. The logistics of donations and distribution will be managed through BFC’s Institute of Positive Fashion and University Council.

Burberry hopes this initiative will eventually extend to the entire fashion industry, giving other brands and houses a taste of how they can support emerging talent.

Commenting on the launch of ReBurberry Fabric, the brand’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, Pam Batty, said: “Providing resources for the next generation of diverse voices across the country in a sustainable way will enable them to bring their creativity to life, and continue through their programmes with the tools they need. We look forward to seeing how donations can positively impact these academic institutions and students, and hope this is the beginning of a wider industry initiative to support these communities, now and in the future.”

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