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After releasing their AF1 iteration inspired by the legendary Air More Uptempo’s lettering, the apparel collection designed by this two now BFFs is a bite of high school nostalgia and retro sportswear ready to be iconic.

CPFM (@cactusplantfleamarket) is  already a must cop brand for those looking for a splash of freshness on their closets. Their weirdo vibes and unique approach on streetwear and sportive creations has opened them an unexpected niche in a market that was meant to collapse.

After their unique interpretation of the Vapor Maxes, they came back with a recently dropped vision of the AF1s and, next 28th, they’ll be releasing the apparel collection linked to them.

A selection of heavy branded hockey jerseys, sweatpants, crewnecks with funny graphics or patchworked windbreakers, offer a strong archival look from Nike classics and brings this interesting collaboration to the next level.

“Air Sunshine” won’t be forgotten easily.