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Calvin Klein presents the This is Love campaign, which celebrates that family we choose within the LGBTQIA+ community. Our groups of friends share what family means to them, highlighting the spectrum of international connections that exist within the community. The campaign features the brand’s new collection, a re-imagined approach to Pride.

Photographed by John Edmonds in a nostalgic photo album style, the campaign’s cast includes LGBTQIA+ pioneers, artists and advocates. It features filmmaker John Waters and actress Mink Stole; actress Sasha Lane and Sergio Lane, team members of LGBTQ organisation The Trevor Project; musician Snail Mail and his team; legendary dance house House of Xtravaganza; hair stylist Holli Smith and her fiancé Pony; actor Justice Smith and his boyfriend, actor Nic Ashe; and Afrofuturistic art collective TRIBE Collective.

Wearing garments from the This is Love collection and branded basics, the cast is photographed with their loved ones in moments of connection and private moments of intimacy, as well as showing positive expressions of their relationships. Atypical, unconditional, real: this is the meaning of family through the Calvin Klein lens.

This is Love includes clothing, underwear and sportswear. Find inspiration in the colours of the pride flag. Each piece features a woven label that reveals what each colour of the flag represents. Black for beauty; brown for power; pink for sex; orange for healing; yellow for sunshine; cinnamon for harmony; white for non-binary gender; turquoise for magic; blue for serenity.

The underwear collection is designed with bands and fabrics in combinations of these colours in a nod to the intersectionality that exists across the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ sexualities, gender identities and sexual characteristics.

In 2022, Calvin Klein has committed to donate $400,000 in support of NGOs fighting for LGBTQIA+ equity, advocacy and justice.

Included in the campaign are three staff from The Trevor Project, the largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organisation for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and gender identity-challenged young people. Calvin Klein is a major supporter and financial sponsor of the wonderful work done by The Trevor Project, which includes 24/7 phone, text and chat support, suicide prevention programs and other resources for LGBTQIA+ youth, their families, educators and supporters.

Calvin Klein also supports ILGA World‘s initiatives as the international voice of LGBTQIA+ networks and communities and movements committed to shaping a world where everyone can live safely, equally and freely. In addition, during 2022 the brand will continue to collaborate with PFLAG National and the Transgender Law Center to support their important work in advancing LGBTQ+ education, safety, inclusion and justice.