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Camper presents Camper Goods, a selected range of practical, high quality items designed to brighten up your daily routine. Under the slogan “Good tools for a good life”, Goods includes industrial design classics, Mediterranean crafts and exclusive Camper designs.

Since its inception in 1975, Camper has believed that true well-being is found in the little things in life. The brand’s design principles encourage a culture of authenticity, based on the belief that objects should be well designed, well made and practical.

Camper Goods was born to transfer these values to the world of objects, advocating durable products that encourage more responsible consumption. This selection is presented under four categories: Living, Dining, Cooking & Caring, and the collection focuses on enhancing and simplifying your everyday life.

This new venture celebrates the innovative design and simplicity of the Mediterranean lifestyle that has defined the brand since its inception.

You can find all the items that make up Camper Goods by clicking here.

Clever design. Less stuff. Built to last a long time. That’s Camper Goods.