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Vacades plays with the speculative fiction of quarantine

Timo Helgert known as Vacades is a German artist who has recreated important cities of the world dominated by nature after the quarantine.

Spoilers on billboards to keep you home

Do you see Stranger Things, Narcos or Love is Blind? This student-designed campaign is the latest isolation measure for the coronavirus.


Why all Spain should watch the series ‘Veneno’

The new series of The Javis brings to our time the figure of The Poison, a transexual icon of the 90s, in a tragicomedy of 8 episodes.


“We removed your post” against Instagram’s guidelines

“We removed your post” by Stéphane Gizard is a work protesting against the censorship of platforms like Instagram with images that can be removed.

9 eyes

Jon Rafman reveals the hidden gems of Google Street View

9 Eyes, created by artist Jon Rafman, is a virtuous selection of the best images captured by the nine Google Street View cameras.


Top #10 fashion books

These quarantine weeks are a good opportunity to read, inspire and learn. Here are the ten most essential fashion readings. 

IKEA y Pizza Hut create the ultimate table

If you’ve ever ordered a pizza to go, you’ll have seen a small plastic table, called a pizza saver, inside the box. Now it can be yours.

Sunnies Face launches its first collection of vegan nail polish

With the aim of always trying to find new ways to play with colour, he has presented his first collection of glazes called Play Paint.

Stripping the audiovisual culture with Matt Lambert

How Matt Lambert has become an LGBT icon in the world of film and photography. We review his legacy in the audiovisual culture.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Spring is just around the corner and the body is feeling it. We propose a couple of plans for this weekend in Barcelona that we know we deserve this rest.

New trend: The water-drop manicure

It is undeniable that trends change rapidly. But it’s not just the clothes that change, it’s the nails. The water-drop manicure is already here.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Every four years in the Gregorian calendar we have an extra day, so let’s celebrate. Here are the best plans for this weekend in Barcelona


HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

It’s official. The sun has risen. This weekend in Madrid we succumbed to the temptation of the terraces, the beers and the long nights. Here’s our agenda.

Gucci’s new face gloss created by Alessandro Michele

Completing its line of luxury lipsticks, Gucci Beauty has introduced a new product: Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière Face Gloss.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Each day that passes is longer than the previous one and the body notices this. We know you’re excited to go away this weekend.

Banksy celebrates love with a new piece in Bristol

Banksy confirmed that the graffiti that appeared overnight on the side of a house in Barton Hill, Bristol is his.


HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

This weekend, in Madrid, we let ourselves be guided by the spirit of Valentine’s Day. But we celebrate love in our own way.

Selam X

We talk W/ Selam X, the studio that’s designing the future

The design studio Selam X has bathed the visual culture in virtual codes that have distorted the creative scene 6.0 globally.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

The long-awaited weekend is coming up. Although January has been longer than we thought but February is flying by, here we leave you with the best plans.

Madrid W

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

Saying goodbye to January is like coming home after a long day. Except instead of taking off your jeans and lying on the couch, it’s time to go out.

Agenda Fashion Week

What to do during Fashion Week in Madrid

If a few days ago we recommended which shows you can’t miss this week, now we advise you to plan for the rest of the day.