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'Spiraled' by Seana Gavin

A journey through the 90’s rave scene with Seana Gavin

Seana Gavin has just published her photographic book ‘Spiraled’: a visual diary of illegal trips and raves in Europe during the 1990s.

Kanye west redisigns Chicago Gap Store

Discover Ye’s message at the Gap Chicago store

The lovestory between YEEZY and Gap has a new episode to remember. Kanye West now leaves a huge handwritten letter at a GAP Chicago store.

Joshua Vides x Fendi

Joshua Vides x Fendi ‘California Sky’ arty collection

The artist Joshua Vides has dressed the ‘California Sky’ collection, designed by Silvia Venturini, for Fendi AW20, with his visual aesthetics.

Sánchez Kane

We talk w/ Bárbara Sánchez-Kane

We spoke with designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane about the new artistic dimension of social denunciation and activism that she has created through fashion.

Class of 2020 reinvents the creepy school pictures

The streetwear brand X Girl and the agency No Agency have joined forces in the ‘Class 2020’ project to print photos of orla 4.0 on limited edition T-shirts.

Beaten & Blown by the Wind, the new Gucci artbook

Beaten & Blown by the Wind is Gucci’s new limited edition artbook, the result of the creative vision of Alessandro Michele and Bruce Gilden.

This is what the future of the Oscars will look like

A few days ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its updated programme following delays caused by the coronavirus.

Swarovski Batman y batmóvil

The new Swarovski collectibles: Batman and his Batmobile in black crystal

The Dark knight and his iconic Batmobile are now encased in total-black Swarovski crystals to thrill fans of the Tim Burton era of Batman.


ROGELIO transforms quarantine into a masterpiece

ROGELIO presents Now You Know, an introspective journey that was recorded during the severe confinement that took place in Spain during the world quarantine.

Banksy reaparece

Banksy reappears to support #BlackLivesMatter

British street art icon Banksy has resurfaced, publishing a new work on Instagram in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


Christo, the artist who wrapped the world

Christo is considered one of the most relevant artists of the 20th and 21st century. Known for wrapping (literally) some of the most important monuments in the world, he has just passed away at the age of 84.

Issey Miyake launches exclusive documentary

Issey Miyake has released an unprecedented docu-film showing the birth and evolution of the Homme Plissé Issey Miyake collection.

Google photos

Jacqui Kennedy extracts all the art from Google Street View

British photographer and agoraphobe, Jacquie Kennedy has done a fascinating job finding spectacular images on Google Street View.

Cleo Goossens comforts our beach cravings

Dutch photographer Cleo Goossens evokes memories of her childhood summer in her new work Route du Soleil as a tribute to her father.

David Lynch

David Lynch presents a new experimental short film on Youtube

David Lynch has launched his iconic short film ‘Fire 2015’ (Pożar) for the first time on YouTube, and we’re stuck with hypnosis.

LOOM SENSES: explores the “New Normal”

The team behind the multidisciplinary art festival LOOM Festival, LOOM Collective, presents LOOM SENSES: a new initiative that seeks to explore the “New Real”.

Pornhub gets into the movies

The online video platform Pornhub, specialized in pornographic content, offered its service to broadcast the German Oldenburg Film Festival via the web.

OSCAR 2021 may be cancelled

Según informes, la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas está considerando el aplazamiento de los 93 Premios de la Academia.


Listedobjects x Highxtar.

We all like to draw, we all chose the colors with enthusiasm and we all grabbed the wax pencils eagerly to capture the things we loved most as children, I just never stopped.

“Amores Perros” turns 20

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Amores Perros” premiered at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, now twenty years ago.

Luca Guadagnino will direct the remake of ‘Scarface

Luca Guadagnino has just been announced as the director of the next version of Scarface. The film will have a script written by the Coen brothers.