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Dime puzzle Ecce Homo

Cecilia Giménez’s “Ecce Homo” goes international with the skateboard brand Dime

The Canadian brand Dime of skate style creates a kit of puzzle games of artistic works, and among them is one of the best-known in Spain, the “Ecce Homo” of Borja by Cecilia Giménez.

New Life Ai is the new post-Tumblr app that burns the Internet

The awakening of a new futuristic paradigm is already here with the social network New Life Ai, an update of Tumblr directed by net artist Vector Newman.

Paper Work is back with Tropical Fantasy

The New York collective Paper Work, led by Michael Krim, is back with a new capsule that, as usual, is accompanied by a shooting that makes us dream.

Blondey McCoy’s photobook: a jewel of skater culture

Blondey McCoy stars in “Blondey 15-21”, a photobook that documents his life from 15 to 21 years old.

The Primavera Sound of Pablo Amores

Inaugurates this particular tribute to the Primavera Sound el diablo for the deep spain, our beloved: Pablo Amores

COME TEES | Ecstasy of energy, art and colour

Sonya Sombreuil is the visual artist who made COME TEES come true: a new streetwear paradigm that houses unique silkscreened, deconstructed and painted pieces from her L.A. studio.

A-COLD-WALL* x Futura >>> Lookbook

Graffiti artist Futura relaunches his urban fashion brand of the same name. This new collection includes a collaboration with A-COLD-WALL*.

Jeff Koons, the world’s most coveted living artist

Jeff Koons is an American artist and he’s worth a lot more than you can imagine.

Police kick Banksy out of Venice Biennale

En un mensaje de instagram ayer 22 de mayo de 2019, Banksy se preguntaba por qué nunca se le ha pedido que participe en la bienal de arte de Venecia….

LEV Festival Gijón 2019 > We were there

Last week, LEV Festival celebrated its thirteenth edition in Gijón. That same year, in October, it will expand to the capital to be held for the first time in Matadero Madrid.

Camp, beyond the trend

After reading many explanations about what the Camp is, and after the Met gala, it is time to go deeper into the concept.

The pics of your favorite rappers are shot by Hajar Benjida

Hajar Benjida has spent the XXII century in advanced mode through the portrait of a new generation with its polaroids of rappers and grime artists.

We talk w/ the artist and DJ Maria Forqué (aka Virgen María)

Virgen María is an aesthetic quake. The artist is a compendium of disciplines that have permeated the avant-garde scene on an international scale.

World Press Photo 2019, the winners

As every year, the 62nd edition of World Press Photo of the Year has just been held. The competition rewards images that have shaken the world by telling news and stories in eight different categories.

Inside Pablo Amores

Pablo Amores, the devil of TV according to deep Spain, comes from hell to burn the creative scene with his photographs, productions and tattos in hand poke mode.

Nike Air Fear of God 180 “Light Bone”

After numerous teasers, Nike has shared the official images of the Air Fear of God 180 “Light Bone” silhouette in collaboration with Fear Of Good.

Futuristic filters flood the net

The filters created by Johanna already have a multitude of instagramers that have made them circulate through social networks, and are being welcomed by the public with great success.

This is Johannes Paul Raether, the performer of the moment

Johannes Paul Raether is a modern witch with the appearance of an androgynous alien who transgresses the establishment with aesthetically hypnotic and disconcerting protests.

@cavecanems: The digital artist of the moment

Cavecanems is a new age artist, who along with other talents are creating a really interesting digital art scene in Spain. #mustfollow

The Japanese magazine ‘The New Order’ expands on a global scale

The magazine ‘The New Order’ has survived without digital platform, taking care of the details and claiming quality.

We enter the Recuenco universe

365º de Recuenco da nombre a un calendario fotográfico a gran escala que recoge el mundo del cine, la moda, su vida personal y fechas señaladas en la historia.