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French firm Celine is once again focusing on the past and longing. Hedi Slimane brings the romantic movement of the 19th century to life in his new men’s collection FW21: Teen Knight Poem.

The video presents a group of young knights on their way to Château de Chambord, the largest of the Loire châteaux. Renaissance balconies and ramparts provide the perfect backdrop for this fashion show.

The collection of Hedi Slimane experiments mixing 90s emo-punk style and classic garments, with embroidered shirts and tailored silhouettes combined with leather jackets and Cuban-heeled boots. Slimane seeks a balance between tradition and the avant-garde. Appealing to a young audience with loose-fitting garments, zebra-print leather jackets, metallic silver jackets and fur-lined high boots.

This Order of Chivalry wears hooded sweatshirts and slippers with a 16th-century farsetto and a long hooded cloak that resembles an academic toga. Celine’s aim, like that of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Off-White, is to bring opposites closer together. Pairing a haute couture suit with a sweatshirt or a biker jacket. White collars embroidered and adorned with large chrome chains around the neck.

The drama of the fashion show is combined with punk styling and make-up, giving a glimpse of the adolescent gentleman Slimane intends to portray in his work. At the end of the video, the models appear to cover their faces with balaclavas with metallic details that shine in the light of their torches like a reference to youth protests.