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Celine SS20 presents the campaign “Portrait of an artist” in which each of the pieces in the collection rejects categorization by genre and inevitably evokes the essence of Slimane. 


The campaign “Portrait of a Performer” by Celine SS20 presents a set of garments and accessories with androgynous aesthetics. The lookbook features Ryan Turner from the rock band The Scarletts, whose identity fits in perfectly with the brand’s spirit. Ripped jeans, romantic blouses and wide shirts are combined with floral patterns, animal prints and other elements that evoke a luxury vintage look.

Oversized earrings also stand out, highlighting femininity as opposed to more masculine garments like satin university jackets or moccasins. The look remains true to Hedi Slimane‘s retro-rock style, but with some innovations that show a turning point for the brand.