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The history between Off-White™ and Nike goes back to the first collaboration with “The Ten” model in 2017. This time, the two top streetwear brands have unveiled the new Off-White™ x Nike Blazer Low. 

Echa un vistazo a las Blazer Low de Off-White ™ x Nike

For the first time, the duo collaborate on a new Blazer Low design. Made from black leather and suede, the trainers are infused with holes, just like the Off-White™ xAir Jordan 5. Virgil Abloh gives you the ability to customise this new model and you can either remove the ovals or leave the sneaker intact.

The new Blazer Low also features a green lacing that covers the entire shoe similar to the Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low. As expected, Abloh’s signature flange adorns the upper of the shoe. The outsole is highlighted by a voluminous two-piece cushioning system with small circular details.

At this time, no arrival date has yet been revealed for the Off-White™ x Nike Blazer Low. However, it is likely that they will be released in late 2021 on the Nike online shop.