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Ballantine’s, the iconic Scotch whisky brand born in 1827 and with a long history in music, launched Ballantine’s True Music Fund a few months ago with the aim of boosting the local music scene that contributes to diversity and inclusion.

The all-female Chica Gang collective, part of Ballantine’s True Music Collective, has selected Sin Sync as its winner. Sin Sync is a non-binary and feminist DJ school born in Barcelona at the end of 2018 by artist Isamit Morales. It is a community where DJ workshops are taught and resources are shared where non-binary and female artists can learn from scratch how to mix music in a completely safe and mansplaining-free space.

“With this award we will be able to increase our equipment and also get new materials for the classes. In addition, we would like to launch an online platform where we can share virtual lessons and give scholarships for our DJ workshops,” says the Sin Sync collective after receiving the award.

The collective has also created Sin Sync Prom Party and Sin Sync DJs where they promote and share the work of emerging artists and recent graduates.

Chica Gang fully supports Sin Sync and, as a collective of women seeking a secure footing in music and nightlife, has selected the school for its work in the industry.

Each winner receives €10,000 in funding as well as individual mentoring from Boiler Room industry members. “With this initiative we aim to support local music collectives and raise the visibility of diversity and inclusion issues in music culture. We are driving real change and are committed to diversity in programming; fair pay and, above all, safe and inclusive dance floors” announced Juan Lopez de Turiso, Brand Manager of Ballantine’s.

The other local winners were: No Signal from the UK; Bloco Afros os Negros from Brazil; Bridges For Music from South Africa; Bal u Bozeny from Polinia and Batekoo from Brazil. The VICE winner will be announced shortly.