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Coinciding with the start of Paris Fashion Week (PFW), Comme Des Garçons and its Homme Plus line was one of the first to reveal its Autumn/Winter 22 collection, but unlike the rest, CDG decided to present it in Tokyo under the name “Nomad”.

With a total of 31 looks and through all of them, Rei Kawakubo has expressed her nostalgia for travelling, as it has been almost two years since she last took a plane from Tokyo to Paris, a trip she used to make about 4 times a year to present her fashion shows. In addition, Rei has said that for her it is not the same to be able to get on a plane and experience the whole transfer process as it is to pick up a screen and look up the information she needs.

Well, despite all this, Kawakubo wanted to represent and convey the feelings generated by a fashion show from Tokyo. Presenting the collection without an audience but with a cast of models wearing felt hats, they glided along the runway so that we could see the designer’s new creations, which made reference to and reminded us of the “flaneurs”. And you may ask: What are flaneurs? Well, they are nothing more or less than a French term that refers to men dressed in an elegant way who roam the streets. What do we highlight about the “flaneurs” of CDG Homme Plus? Undoubtedly the collarless tweed tailcoats, the patterned coats or the outerwear combined with tunic-style shirts and hooded collars and baggy shorts.

There is no doubt that even if Rei Kawakubo can’t get on a plane and travel for inspiration, she continues to reinvent her brand and the creations of Comme des garçons Homme Plus once again.