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With a stunning utility and all-terrain approach, Converse launches a collection of winter silhouettes that are ready to step into the snow, cross a creek or survive to extreme conditions. Winter is sure coming.


With these different iterations of one of the most iconic shoes ever made, Converse is widening their impact in the cold weather gear market, creating a range of options for those lovers of the Chucks that are willing to rock that high-top all year long.

This winter-focused designs are inspired by the Converse Extreme Cold Weather Boots, a rubber military boot from the 50s (Chuck Taylor MC18). We see the comeback of the Bosey too in both Bosey MC and Chuck 70 Bosey models, crafted in water-repellant canvas and suede respectively.

In the Lugged Winter All Stars revival, a lugged sole and GORE-TEX interior make this option a 4×4 sneaker capable of anything. Applying this almost indestructible material, Converse (@converse) offers a full selection of technical materials like waterproof ballistic nylon to make your kicks ready to be worn in the most adverse weather conditions.

The look of every proposal is not just technical but stylish and pure comfort. Besides the footwear, a collection of apparel is also dropped alongside the Chuck Taylors already mentioned. Fleece jackets, hoodies or parkas complete an outstanding release that will be available in November.

Don’t let your feet freeze and Chuck these Taylors.