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Converse is celebrating its fifth year of PRIDE collection, and this year the global LGBTQIA+ community will connect to celebrate Pride 2020 in a way that has never been done before: digitally.


Taking advantage of this momentous occasion, Converse presents its Pride 2020 collection, inspired by the flag of pride, “More Color, More Pride”, which was first conceived and popularized by social justice advocate Amber Hikes.

The collection aims to celebrate the power of diversity and inclusion to connect us all, because no matter what the circumstances, pride never stops.


The Chuck 70s and Chuck Taylor All Stars collection, which also includes clothing and accessories, features the flag of pride, “More Color, More Pride”, which expands to include two more stripes to include the Latino and black LGBTQIA + communities.

Converse By YOU, the brand’s product customization platform, will offer some items that can be customized so that each person can express his or her own self. The new customizable design options are inspired by bisexual, pan-sexual, non-binary and transgender flags.

In this spirit, the Converse Pride campaign, which was filmed by Devyn Galindo, also draws inspiration from the flag of pride, “More Color, More Pride” by amplifying the voices of nine people from around the world, including Amber Hikes.

Following a two-day workshop in February 2020 led by Converse, It Gets Better and Hikes on the importance of representation and ally, powerful portraits were made of these nine individuals from Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Belgrade, Cape Town, Bangkok, Melbourne and Philadelphia to articulate a collective story of hope.