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There is no doubt that the Bratz have not only marked the childhood of an entire generation, but have also become a fashion icon to this day. 


To celebrate its 21st anniversary,  Jasmin Larian, founder and creative director of Cult Gaia, wanted to pay tribute to the famous dolls that saw her grow up and internalise the first trends at the age of 12 when her father, founder and CEO of MCA Entertainment, asked her for advice on the first Bratz concepts.

It was at this point that the designer began to spend her days “building mood boards and absorbing the magical details that went into the creation of the dolls”.

The references can be seen in the Cult Gaia designs that have dressed celebrities such as Elsa Hosk: from the elegant EOS bag to the daring Henry dress.

“Bratz x Cult Gaia dolls are a historical celebration of the origin of both brands, our intrinsic and often unspoken connection, our loyal communities and all the exciting things to come. Bratz dolls and the brand are very special to me, and finding the sweet spot between the natural aesthetic of Cult Gaia and the glamour of Bratz feels like a full circle moment,” says the designer.

The new Bratz x Cult Gaia dolls are available through Amazon, Target and Walmart.