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Bershka presents CUSTOM LAB, an innovative proposal for customising garments and accessories where you yourself can decide how to position prints or embroidery, among other details. Committed to creation, CUSTOM LAB becomes a laboratory of ideas where you decide how your garment will be according to your style and way of expressing yourself.

Currently, they have Denim Lab, a customisation process where you can choose the print of your favourite denim garment among several licenses and prints. With CUSTOM LAB, we incorporate other alternatives of creation and customisation where it will coexist with Denim Lab.

This time, there is the possibility of embroidering various garments with different proposals such as choosing initials and positioning them in different parts or a great variety of motifs and small graphics ranging from dark style to the signs of the zodiac. Finally, there are the licences. In this first installment you will be able to embroider your favourite garment with the emoji that best represents your mood of 2022.

Bershka wants to continue promoting the world of co-creation with this new project, which will continue to expand with new forms of customisation and new garments. Future CUSTOM LAB drops will also feature other collaborations with some of the coolest artists of the moment.


CUSTOM LAB will be available on the Bershka app  from 11 March.