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Stylist David Casavant opens the doors of his universe full of unique archive garments worn by Rihanna, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.


As a stylist, David Casavant has been creating the image of some of pop culture’s most influential people for over a decade. It all started with Kanye West. “It’s hard to find people who are so creative and enthusiastic, because mediocrity is overrated now,” he says.

But Casavant, who runs a luxury clothing rental service, recently sued the rapper for keeping 13 unique pieces valued at $400,000 and failing to meet monthly rental fees. “It’s just a business formality,” the stylist notes.

A collector since his teenage years, Casavant’s archive is not only of physical garments, but also of people, places, attitudes and moments. Now the creative has founded a new project in which he cuts out intermediaries and sells his relics directly.


So now you’ll have direct access to vintage Helmut Lang jackets, Ann Demeulemeester feather boas and Miu Miu boxers. That means you can own the pieces worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Pharrell, Kanye West and Raf Simons at some point in their lives.