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Former basketball player known worldwide for his daring hairstyles, Dennis Rodman, launches his first NFT collection.


It’s no surprise that Dennis Rodman has decided to introduce his hair follies into the digital universe. His hairstyles have gone on to conquer the looks of major celebrities. Rodman’s Barbershop’ collects more than 5,000 NFT files estimated to be worth $175 each.

Hairstyles without gender, without complexes and without rules that combine colours, patterns and cuts to create truly unique works of art. Smiley faces, zig-zags or ultra-brilliant colours, this is how Rodman has stood out from the crowd.

“Rodman’s Barbershop is a unique way to celebrate his own personal style and creativity, which is something that will always be part of Dennis Rodman’s legacy,” says Jeff Hoods, CEO of Metacurio.

The collection? A tribute to his daring that will be available from 11 April at OpenSea.