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Dion Lee experiments with new colors and fabrics in its new FW22/23 collection. The stars of the season: her signature corsets, extravagant knitwear and leather garments.

Lee plays with the idea of revealing and concealing through the experimentation of textures and garments with removable elements. Utilitarian silhouettes come into play with the draping of the surprising knitwear he has included in the new collection. Also, continuing with the surprise, the designer’s usual leather is complemented with latex in certain pieces of the proposal.

Red and electric blue intermingle with the brand’s sober tones. Another of Dion Lee’s surprises for the season comes with fabric experimentation. Knitted pieces are included in the form of tops, capes, dresses, and the trend garment: the balaclava.

Dion Lee shows us in FW22/23, once again, that sensuality is not at odds with utilitarian.

And speaking of the trend of the moment…why don’t you take a look at the balaclava trend in tiktok?