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Kim Jones has conceived for Dior Men a kit of essentials designed for traveling in comfort or lounging at home. The Homewear capsule features the Dior Oblique print in jacquard.

If you feel like walking from the sofa to the bed and from the bed to the sofa comfortably with a total look of Dior, you can do it. Of course, you will also need about 1,800 €, do not say that we have not warned you. The maison has just launched a capsule of homewear that is sold as a pack and includes a selection of luxury items designed for domestic enjoyment.

When it came to devising these new objects of desire, Dior Men’s creative director Kim Jones was inspired by the art of leisure living and his own bedroom. The pieces in this living room kit are covered in the Dior Oblique print in shades of navy blue and beige. They include a wool, silk and cashmere jaqcuard stole, an eye mask, slippers and a matching pochette bag.

The new Dior Men Homewear line is now available in its online store and also in selected stores.