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SINOBI, since its birth in 2019, has been on a mission to highlight the importance of meaningful and ethical fashion. The Japanese-inspired footwear brand aims to stand up to consumerism and pollution in an increasingly globalized world.

In 2019 Alexander (Ukraine) and Shushan (Armenia) thought of creating footwear that would be stylish, sustainable and comfortable at the same time. “We were very inspired by Japanese culture: their sensible attitude to life, spiritual values and the importance of health as their priorities.”

SINOBI (often confused with “shinobi ninjas”) is a concept that Alexander was fascinated by when he came across it in a book on samurai philosophy written by Eva Sandoval. The term represents a set of values, essential to life: mindfulness, resilience, the ability to take responsibility for one’s own destiny and to dedicate oneself to others.

Indeed, the siluete GETA, one of the brand’s first pairs, was inspired by traditional Japanese geta shoes – wooden sandals, raised off the ground – a less formal interpretation of zori shoes.

The brand blends health and design. “When we did the research to create the brand, we encountered the stigma that orthopedic shoes are not fashionable or cool.” Alexander and Shushan, however, believe in the importance of maintaining and aspiring to both, without having to choose one over the other.

Being orthopedically manufactured, there is a balanced and correct weight distribution, comfort and stability in every step. The footwear relieves muscle fatigue, joint stress and spinal tension. In addition, it improves circulation in the legs and provides solid posture and optimal muscle alignment.

These are the three fundamental pillars on which SINOBI is built: minimalist design, sustainability and orthopedics. “We believe that art, technology and medicine can work together. We truly believe in our product because SINOBI makes sense. It’s not just a pair of sandals, it’s a lifestyle.”

To take a look at all of their models, visit their website here.


Photos: Courtesy of SINOBI