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NORTHEN LIGHTS, Þetta reddast 2021 is the latest creation by Violeta Dai. It is part of CREATIONBYINTENTION and represents an ode to Iceland, its nature, its purity and its magic.

With snow up to her knees, this collection is the perfect ally for these days – and for the rest of the year. NORTHEN LIGHTS, Þetta reddast 2021 as part of CREATIONBYINTENTION, is a collection of handmade pieces. The result is a series of bags, accessories and energy containers that are born through a meditative process of opening the heart chakra.

Violeta’s creative philosophy gives rise to unique pieces with their own essence and history. Each piece is made to order and is created specifically for the person who buys it. In this way, mass production is avoided, “slow fashion” is encouraged, and sustainability in the fashion industry is achieved.

You can get NORTHEN LIGHTS here, or also by direct message to @violeta.dai (pre-purchase and worldwide shipping).