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doublet, the genderless brand of Masayuki Ino (@__doublet__), has just announced a collaboration with DC Shoes with the drop of a new pair of hybrid shoes that refer to DC Shoes’ OG Lynx, Kalis and Legacy.

Ino began his career as a shoe designer for Mihara Yasuhiro before launching doublet in 2012 and has always been closely linked to the skateboarding culture. “I used to wear DC Shoes when I was a teenager. I liked Lynx. My friend, who was good at skateboarding, wore the Kalis and Legacy. At the time, I thought that if I used a different model, I would be better at skateboarding. But I remember I couldn’t buy other models because I didn’t have any money.

The result of doublet x DC Hibrid is a combination of three different models of shoes. They are a symbol of the resilience of the skate shoes of the 90s and how the subculture has influenced many of the designs and styles we call fashion today.

“As an adult, I wondered which OG shoe I would buy, but this time I couldn’t choose. Each of DC Shoes’ models has a unique feature and design. Even though I stopped skateboarding, I’m still attracted to technical skateboarding models… So this inspired me. I was wondering if I could make a super DC OG shoe that combined all the good points of each of my favorite styles.

The doublet x DC shoe will go on sale next September 11th on the DC Shoes website and in Dover Street Market stores around the world, among others. The model will cost 465 euros.