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Dr. Martens collaborates with Rick Owens to create a grunge-brutalist collection that revisits their most classic models.


This special union converges the underground aesthetic of Dr. Martens with the brutalizing style of Rick Owens in almost architectural silhouettes. The British designer’s meteoric rise in the 1990s coincided with a grunge renaissance for the footwear brand. A decade defined by closets and attitudes that were deconstructed and defied binarism. And this spirit of nonconformism drives the collaboration between the two with the 1460 boot and the stunning 18-eyelet 1918 boot.

The 1460 8-eye has been reconstructed in soft, heavy black Lunar leather with contrasting thick pearlized laces and extra wide eyelets with a matte silver finish. It also features the classic AirWair loop and recognizable yellow stitching.

The 1918 x Rick Owens is a boot constructed with striking platinum Hair-On leather, pearl laces, eyelets and matte silver trim. This unorthodox boot sports a black and pearl heel loop, yellow stitching and a double branded sock liner.

Dr. Martens x Rick Owens takes on the 2″ Quad Retro sole to maintain Owens‘ dark, experimental and exaggerated DNA and architecture. Both boots are equipped with an oversized, raised tongue, chunky side zippers and wrap-around laces.

“When I was a teenager and beginning to become physically aware, I saw how a well-tied ankle leading to a wide, well-planted foot had a simple, modest, industrial masculinity, almost like a corset between a muscular calf and a sturdy foot that acted as stoic ballast. DM’s were the best example of this. I saw them on all the guys flying through the air at the shows I went to back then…. Dr. Martens became a symbol of a raw, sweaty vitality that I thought I might be able to pull off…. And for a minute, I think I did. Coming full circle to partnering with Dr. Martens 40 years later brings me to lacing them with pearl-colored cotton laces in a geometric pattern that I often use as a symbol of our eternal collective quest. Pursuit of rational order; signs of hope and an affectionate benediction to the perpetual recklessness of youth.” Rick Owens.


The collection will be available on October 14, 2022 through, and select retailers.