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eBay company strengthens its sneaker market.  Thus, it has just introduced a new service to guarantee the authenticity of its products. 


The online trading platform eBay bets on the guarantee with a new program that guarantees the authenticity of sneakers. From now on you will no longer have to investigate the seller or weigh up whether to trust him or not.

How does this new service work? Sneakers are now identified with a blue badge. After making a purchase, the seller sends the sneakers to an eBay authentication partner, where each pair will be inspected, tested and verified by an independent team of industry experts. Upon receipt of the sneakers, this expert will confirm that the sneakers match the description and images. If so, he will attach an eBay label that guarantees the authenticity of the sneakers and is sent to the buyer within three days.

The first test covers all Jordan and Yeezy purchases over $200 USD. It is anticipated that by early 2021 all collection sneakers over $100 USD will be included. Take a look at the video to familiarize yourself with the process; then go to the eBay website and try it yourself.

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