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All about ‘Escena’, the new series about Spain’s emerging music scene

Amazon Music presents ‘Escena’, the new documentary series about the emerging musical trends that are causing a sensation in Spain.

Amazon Music and production company White Horse have teamed up to create ‘Escena’, the new documentary series that looks at the emerging musical trends that are making waves in the Spanish music scene.

With the help of White Horse, the creator of Gallery Sessions, Amazon Music explores and brings to the public the most innovative musical movements that are shaking up the current music scene.

Something is changing in music in Spain, and it is not only the growth of Generation Z artists, but also the genres of music, how they are produced and how they are consumed by an increasingly broad and diverse audience. Against this backdrop comes ‘Escena’, a documentary series with episodes lasting no more than 20 minutes.

“Escena goes beyond being a series about new musical trends. It is a generational story. When we talk about hyperpop, for example, and say that it is fast, emotional, intense, highly processed music, we are describing a sound, but above all the world around us,” argues Pol González, creative director of White Horse.

The first episode, entitled ‘Hyperpop’ and available on Amazon Music and its Youtube channel, immerses us in the musical and aesthetic codes of hyperpop, a musical genre in which artists make hyper-digital music, loaded with doses of euphoria, energy and hyper-processed melodies that do not stop reaching listeners all over the country, sometimes positioning themselves in the lists of the most viral songs in Spain. Artists such as Orslok, Rakky Ripper or LVL1 as well as the Monsterz and Holics collectives star in this first chapter.

“Hyperpop is a genre of music that is related to the media used to make the music that represents it. It has a connection with the present, with the materials we can use now to create music. For me it is having fun with the present, letting go with the future that is already present and appreciating the times we are living in. It is a form of expression that allows us to be very connected with reality”, says Fran Laoren.

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