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All about Gucci Pet, Gucci’s selection of items for dogs and cats

Gucci presents Gucci Pet, the selection of items for dogs and cats that combines high quality materials, craftsmanship and innovation.

Gucci presents the Gucci Pet collection, a wide selection of items designed for dogs and cats, combining high quality materials, craftsmanship, innovation and many of Gucci’s most iconic motifs.


This new line continues the narrative of wonder and enchantment that gave life to the Gucci Lifestyle collection; launched in September 2021 and inspired by a room of wonders. A space capable of housing all those exquisite and high quality creations that, despite being part of our everyday lives, continue to radiate a magical and wondrous aura.

The offer includes collars and harnesses in smooth leather, GG canvas and triband, as well as the Herbarium motif and the all-over geometric G print. All of them are embellished with details including the interlocking G logo and studs. Straps in various lengths and widths, bag holders and AirTag pouches are also available in the same materials and motifs to match or mix and match as desired.

Meanwhile, the selection of items also conceived as design pieces for the home includes customised miniature sofas; feeding bowls with different Gucci prints and bells to cover them; hard cases with removable ceramic bowls and handles for convenient carrying; as well as matching feeding mats.

For the well-travelled pet, the comfortable GG canvas kennels stand out. In terms of clothing, the selection includes polo shirts, T-shirts, knitwear and coats characterised by a vibrant colour palette and bright, distinctive motifs. These include an all-over print of strawberries and hearts, interlocking Gs or the classic Gucci monogram. All of them have been taken from the House‘s ready-to-wear with the idea that owner and pet can wear matching looks.

In line with Gucci‘s commitment to sustainability, the Gucci Pet collection includes items made from recycled polyester; recycled cotton or Demetra, the House‘s innovative material made from non-animal raw materials. Born out of a desire to explore and create innovative materials for the future, Demetra is made entirely in one of Gucci‘s factories in Italy using the same tanning know-how and processes that give the material its supple, resilient character and smooth finish.

Esta nueva categoría llega de la mano de una campaña publicitaria con Max Siedentopf como fotógrafo y director de arte. Imbuidos de una pátina onírica de inspiración retro, un elenco de perros y gatos de distintas razas y tamaños lucen las nuevas piezas, resaltando la personalidad de cada animal.

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