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All about “Mother Mary”, A24’s epic pop melodrama

Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel will star in the epic pop melodrama film “Mother Mary” produced by A24 studio.

Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel will star in the epic pop melodrama titled “Mother Mary”. The film is produced by A24 film studio and will be scored by iconic artists Charli XCX and Jack Antonoff.

A24, whose film “Everything Everywhere All at Once” swept the Oscars in 2023, is working on a new project directed and scripted by David Lowery, known as much for his slow dramas as for his action films. Charli XCX and Jack Antonoff will collaborate on original songs for the film that will shock viewers, but especially the LGBT+ community.

The film “Mother Mary” will address the relationship between a pop star played by Anne Hathaway and a renowned fashion designer played by Coel. A relationship of which it is still unknown whether it will be explicitly romantic or not. However, considering that A24’s Sapphic films and lesbian films are all the rage, everything points to yes.

Acting iconicity then surrounds this new film starring Michaela Coel, as a supernova or star who exploded after the “I May Destroy You” series, and Anne Hathaway after having premiered “Armageddon Time” and “Eileen” at Sundance. To finish elevating the concept, Charli XCX and Jack Antonoff will write the songs that Hathaway’s character will sing.

Beyond that, the film will begin shooting this year in Germany, under the production of David’s regular collaborators Toby Halbrooks, Jeanie Igoe and James M. Johnston, and German producers Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo and Jonathan Saubach. Even so, the date on which this epic melodrama will be released is still unknown, although it is expected to be by the end of 2024. Expectations are sky high.


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