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APRIL 2023: The 6 emerging brands you need to know this month

We’re back with our selection of this month’s 6 emerging brands! Don’t worry if you don’t show up because? we’ll keep on searching.

‘Which emerging brands should we follow this 2023?’ was what we posted on our Instagram profile hoping to learn about new promises. After receiving many proposals, we discovered you 6 brands that you should follow closely this month. And don’t worry if your name doesn’t come up because we will continue with the monthly recommendations.

Lately our DM is always full of Instagram profile links for us to discover new brands and give them coverage. “Mention in the comments that brand or designer and we’ll take care of the rest,” we posted on our profile. In less than 24 hours we received almost 1500 comments from the young promises that are making it big in the national fashion industry. With the aim that all these interesting projects are not lost in our DMs, each month we will choose 6 brands and give them their space in HIGHXTAR.


Amara Caruncho is the thinking head behind the firm Coconutscankill. After participating in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent 2020, the Ferrol native took a break of more than two years to return stronger than ever. Her designs are characterized by a punk air. In November last year she announced her return to fashion with the collection “THE COMEBACK”. This will be her year.



MUSH was founded in 2020 by Valeria Muckenschnabl, a designer graduated from the School of Design in Valencia. The brand is dedicated to using fashion as a form of expression and communication, exploiting creativity along with personal identity. Her purpose is to dress a person that keeps his inner child, mixed with all the darkness that life has left; making the aesthetics of the brand something beautiful but dark, disturbing, ambiguous.


Behind this brand that has just made its debut on the Madrid runway are the designers: @jacklucid & @mrdevins. The concept of the brand is far from perfection. Its founders value the power of clothing to help people express themselves and find a piece-individual connection.

Culture Ltd.

“SUSTAINABLE. CYCLIC. FOR EVER.”, that’s the brand’s motto. Culture LTD makes organic, durable, and fair trade streetwear. Sustainability is an essential feature of the brand, which is the perfect alternative to fast fashion.


BOLTAD represents the expression of the most intimate feelings of its designer, Alberto Martín Pozo. The brand arises from the need to understand and explain personal and extreme situations. The fabrics used in his designs are obtained from factory scraps, defective and recycled fabrics, then manipulated to create prints and drawings made by hand using an airbrush.

Reparto Studio

Reparto Studio, founded in 2018 by the Mexican Margil Peña and the Basque Ana Viglione bases its entire raison d’être on reuse, customization and upcycling. Based on the reuse of fabric left overs and the collaborative format, the pair of designers try to fight the prevailing labor and economic precariousness in the new generations.


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