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BIMBA Y LOLA invites us to travel beyond the border of planet Earth

The new BIMA & LOLA collection for winter 2021 takes us to a future reality in three stages: retro-futurist, astronaut and alien.

The new BIMA Y LOLA collection for the winter of 2021 takes us to a future reality where the B series alien films and the science fiction authors of the 1940s are the main references.

Behind Charlie Engman‘s lens(@charlieengman), the collection is divided into three parts that can be easily seen through the looks created by Georgia Pendlebury (@georgia.pendlebury).

In the first part, we can see the retro-futurist inspiration that recreates the tailoring looks of the 1940s. But the minimalism is broken by the ultra-feminine touch of the accessories: giant bags, belts, jewelry glued to the neck and shoes with a brutalist tint.

Then, in the second moment, space travel and the astronaut’s aesthetics become the protagonists. This is where the feminized coveralls, technical fabrics, oversized knitwear, padded XXL pocket garments and metallized glitter stand out.

Finally, comes the Martian invasion and the alien attack. This moment inspires the prints that articulate one of the main axes in the BIMBA Y LOLA collections: stars, black holes, constellations, nebulae and planets. Among the predominant colors we find bright white, midnight blue, earthy brown, burnt orange and violet, martian green and of course space black.


The influence of the Cosmos, extraterrestrial travel and life in a future imagined by science and fiction articulate this #thisisCOSMIC collection. This particular trip to the future is completed with several collaborations by different creative people.

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